I am a student living in the German state of NRW. I come from Pakistan. When I started this blog, I was in a serious relationship with my girlfriend who is German. I began this blog as a documentation of my marriage process in Germany. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, marriage for a non-EU/EEA foreigner in Germany is not as easy as it is for those who are EU/EEA citizens. I hope sharing my experiences helps some of the people out there.

If you feel I have missed out on something or if there is something you would like to ask or any valuable input you might have, just comment on the relevant post and we’ll see how we take it from there. Like posts and give feedback so I may know how and what to post in the future.

Keep smiling and have a nice day 🙂


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  1. Hey! I was looking for Pakistanis who actually got married in Germany because I needed some help and I came across your Blog. Seems like you have been there for a long time and Its actually a pretty kick ass blog.

    My fiance is German and we are trying to figure out the documents and everything else we need to get married in Germany and for that I came from EU back to PK. The Biggest problem I am facing right now is that no one really knows what exactly is the ‘Certificate of Capacity and No-objection to marriage’ or Ledigkeitsbescheinigung \ Ehefähigkeitsbescheinigung. The standsamt says that it should be issued by the Union Council office but they ( UC Office ) say that they do not issue any document like that for Men while they do issue something for Women who are divorced?

    Can you please please please help me with a copy of what your Union Council gave to you so I can take it with me to my UC Office as a sample and get this done the right way? Time is of the essence here because if the Court rejects the documents my fiance will have to goto her Placement year abroad and I will be stuck in PK for a whole year most likely. My email is raffay2 at hotmail dot com

    • Marrying in Germany is quite hard because there are a lot of bureaucratic hurdles in place. Hence, the name of this blog. You should definitely look into getting married in Denmark. All the relevant information and links are available on this blog. However, please do contact your local Standesamt first and only proceed if they are OK with you marrying in Denmark as well. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with your life. I like people from Pakistan. Supporters of Donald Trump are such dumb racists, right?

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