Must Read: The Purpose of this Blog

Note: Please read this post first before you proceed to other posts on this blog.

I started this blog to make it easier for people who, like myself, are foreigners in Germany and are planning to marry another foreigner or a German citizen while residing in or outside of Germany and plan to get their marriage recognized in Germany as well. This blog has gotten a lot of attention over time, much more than I had ever thought possible. While this is humbling, I also feel there is a certain obligation that comes with it. I feel that I need to clarify some things for the visitors and readers of this blog.

  • This blog is based on my personal experiences. Your experiences may or may not be similar to, or the same, as mine.
  • This blog or any post on it is not meant as any sort of legal guideline. I am not a lawyer nor any sort of legal expert. I am just an informed layman who gained some knowledge through the Internet on the topic of getting married in Germany. Any advice that I give to people through comments, Emails or otherwise is not to be regarded as legal advice. It is just a layman’s opinion based on what I have been told and already know.
  • The ultimate authority for your respective “cases” rests with the legal authorities of Germany. These may include the relevant Ausländeramt or Ausländerbehörde (Foreigners’ Authority), Standesamt (Registry Office), German Mission in your country or city or any other relevant authority. You should approach them for a proper and lawful opinion on your possible options. A lawyer might also be a good idea for complicated cases.

I think now of Germany as my home. That makes it my responsibility to respect this country’s laws and an obligation to uphold its values, even though I am not its citizen. This means that this blog is not for people tricking someone or forcing someone against their will or doing any other act of dishonesty in order to profit from a German passport in the future. If you ask me anything that makes me suspect that that is your purpose, I will not entertain your questions and requests for advice.

If you are a foreigner and are marrying a German citizen, you might one day become a German citizen yourself and become part of centuries of tradition based upon Western values and social norms. Please – and I cannot stress this enough – try your best to integrate into society here. Germans are good and welcoming people and they have a rich culture. Do not dismiss it out of hand and create a parallel society. Try to become part of it and play your role in contributing something positive to this country. The first step toward this is to learn the German language. It is hard – I can testify first hand to that – but it is well worth it because it’ll make your life easier. Don’t rely on the niceness of people and get by with English. If you do not plan to take up German citizenship but do plan on living here, try to integrate anyway and make this country and its people your home away from home.