A Guide to Getting Married in Denmark

I know many people have been waiting for a post on this blog for a long time. Due to personal reasons, it has taken me quite long to post again. So, here goes…

In Denmark, getting married is much more simple than in Germany. In fact, it is one of the most simplest and straight-forward procedures among EU countries. Here is what to do:

  1. Find a Danish ‘kommune’ (these are the Danish counties, kind of like Kreis in Germany) you want to get married in. It’s best to call and email them before beginning the procedure to clear up any questions you might have beforehand. Here is a list of all of them.
  2. Go to your local Rathaus. You need to go to the office where you register yourself in the city. In some cities, they call this the Bürgerbüro. From this office, you need to get the Aufenthaltsbescheinigung. This document states your name, date of birth and some other information, along with the fact that you are registered as single in the record of the city. This documents costs between €5-10 depending on the city you live in. Both persons (the EU and the non-EU spouses) need this document.
  3. Fill out the form of the relevant ‘kommune’.
  4. Send the fee. The fee can also be sent in Euros. They will receive them in Danish Krones in Denmark.
  5. Scan the form, the passport and residence permit of the non-EU person, the ID or passport of the EU citizen, the Aufenthaltsbescheinigung for both people, and the bank receipt showing that the money has been sent.
  6. Email all of the documents to the kommune.
  7. Wait for their response.

Please note that this is only a general guideline. There might be other documents that they ask of you. Or one or both of you might have been divorced before or have spouses which passed away. In those cases, more documentation is needed. But, it’ll be less than the German documentation for sure.

Once, the Danish kommune sends you an email approving your wedding date, they’ll ask you to show up at their city hall one to two days before your wedding and show all the documents you provided them in original. If everything is in order, the wedding will take place at the date and time provided to you. It’s a quick affair and lasts 5 minutes. The people officiating are quite warm and friendly, usually.


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