Denmark it is, I suppose…

Last week I got a call from the Standesamt telling me that to come to them. They told me that the OLG had certain objections to one of the documents I sent. This document was the Certificate of Impediment. They said that this certificate should have been titled “Certificate of No Impediment and Capacity to Marry” which mine wasn’t, even though they admitted in their own letter that the gist of my title was the same as well. Their second objection was that this same document should have had my fiance’s name mentioned specifically. Ergo, that there is no objection for me to marry her. I told the lady at the Standesamt that I would speak to my father and ask whether these changes are possible or not. My father told me that hell would freeze over before the Union Council guys would make a new document for me. Note that they did it once and then again for the District Coordination Officer to sign it. Third time won’t be a charm because they might suspect that something suspicious is going on.

We told all this to the lady at the Standesamt and asked what other possibilities we might have. She answered us in one word: Denmark. She said that the OLG is really strict and will keep on putting hindrances in our path. It’s better if we just get married in Denmark and get that marriage recognized in Germany. This is now what we have planned to do. The wedding requirements in Denmark are fairly simple. Here’s the link to the Copenhagen commune’s website. If you want a marriage where other people take care of your hassle, check out these guys.

I started out this blog as a sort of a guide for people who want to get married to a German in Germany but now it’s become about marrying in Denmark and getting the Germans to recognize that marriage here. I will keep you all updated on what happens next. My quest continues.


20 thoughts on “Denmark it is, I suppose…

    • Brother I have get. Birth cetificate un married certificate and my mother permission. So that all is ok. And tell me standesamt will keep my passport or give me back just made copy ?

      • They’ll make a copy of it and give it back to you. Make sure that the name of the Unmarried Certificate is the same as they asked for and that it mentions clearly the name of your future spouse

  1. Hi. Your blog really really helped me a lot. Its written very clearly and brilliantly. I just have a question, which area in germany are you in and which standesamt was it, because it seems too strict with the name of the certificate and bla bla. I just want to know how exactly did you make the certificate of no impediment, is there a form that standesamt gives you to fill or what? I am really confused where and how to make this document with what details.

    • Hi. Thanks for reading and liking the blog :). I live in NRW and the city I live in comes under the jurisdiction of the OLG Düsseldorf. They are the ones who are strict actually. The Standesamt was quite cool with everything. I have heard both good and bad things about the OLG in Köln (Cologne). You can ask your relevant Standesamt to provide you with samples for the Certificate of No Impediment. If they can’t, ask them to contact the OLG they operate under.
      Another way, which is the way I will go for, is to just get married in Denmark. It’s way easier and hassle free. Hope this helps.

      • Im actually an asylum seeker here so i cannot, orrather may not leave german borders unless my case is decided. 😦 so denmark is out. As for sample certificate of no impediment, may i see a sample Or samples you received? If you would like to send me privately, we can do it over email address( for privacy purposes) or you can hide or remove your details from the documents and just show me the format. My next appointment with standesamt is far away and the whole procedure already takes so long so i dont want to waste time procrastinating at this stage. I hope you understand and are willing to help in this situation. 🙂

      • Even though I would like to help you out, I can’t unfortunately because they never provided me any samples. And I didn’t ask for any because I wanted to get married in Denmark anyway. Good luck with your case 🙂

  2. Hey. Did you marry in denmark already? Can you tell me exactly what documents they need and what the process is? It would be brilliant if you could tell me every single nitty gritty detail.

  3. Hey,
    I am going to get marry in Denmark in the next week, I will update my experience, I must thank you for your great effort, It has saved a lot of frustration for me. I hope it goes all well.
    By the way did you got married already in Denmark, I am just curious how it works once you are married, what things you need to do after this.
    Thanks a Million,

  4. Hi
    This is Adnan from Pakistan.
    I want to get married in Denmark with US citizen. Can you please send me sample of NOC for marriage, and certificate of no impediment and capacity to marry.
    I’m so worried about it.

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