The complete set of documents you will need

Hello everyone. After a long absence, I’m back on the blog. The reason for me not posting since March was because I had nothing new to report until all the documentation from Pakistan was done. So, I have obtained the following documents from Pakistan:

  1. my birth certificate from the National Database and Registration Authortity (NADRA);
  2. a Certificate of No Impediment to marriage signed by the local Secretary of the Union Council;
  3. a declaration from my father attesting to the fact that I am unmarried
  4. the Family Registration Certificate (FRC) from NADRA.

All these documents are being translated as I write this post and as soon as I have them translated, I will submit them to the local Standesamt. For translation – only in NRW – you can refer to this website: Please note that your state might have its own website for this as well. I haven’t had the time to properly research this.

Stay tuned for a post explaining these documents in detail.


2 thoughts on “The complete set of documents you will need

    • Hi Bilal. In my case, my parents kept my birth certificate and I did not need to get a new one. About the second certificate, I am sorry but I have no idea about it. Although, it seems to me to be for people who are converting to Christianity and marrying in a Christian faith setup. Whereas, in Germany the faith wedding is besides the point. It’s the civil marriage ceremony which counts more and is the most important one.

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